view story Kushal & Diksha's Wedding
Kushal & Diksha 19th Jun 2016
view story Suman & Elly's Wedding
Suman & Elly 11th Mar 2016
view story Keshav & Kritika's Wedding
Keshav & Kritika 21st Apr 2015
view story Niladri & Komolika
Niladri & Komolika 5th Dec 2014
view story nishi-kanishk-wedding-photo-19
Nishi & Kanishk 1st May 2014
view story Sushmit & Zahabia's Wedding
Sushmit & Zahabia 15th Dec 2013
view story Dipti & Ankit's Wedding
Dipti & Ankit 17th Jan 2013

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Celebrate Your Wedding With Unique Style…

Anirban Brahma’s wedding photography experience encompasses all kinds of wedding celebrations across India. Each one has been photographed in his unique contemporary style with its myriad moments of beauty and fun captured forever. He gifts you an album full of energy and warmth inspired by the love that has brought you both together. So why should you ask Anirban to be your wedding photographer? There are plenty of reasons. Firstly, his previous experience of working Street and Fashion gives him an eye for those magical shots that make all the difference to your wedding photography. And secondly, he discovers those special moments without you realizing it and you see yourself in an altogether new light. He is a truly professional people photographer with an insight into what makes a moment special.

Anirban Brahma Photography
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