If you know exactly what you want. Good Pictures. Nothing else. The Epicurean package has been built keeping this in mind. It comes with the best value for money and the time you spend with Anirban.

What do you get?

At the end of the experience you get 300 of the best of the best professionaly processed images in high resolution on a DVD and you own permanent online custom gallery to view and share with your friends whenever you want. You will receive a set of 30 couple shots taken on or around the wedding day which is included in the package of 300 images. These shots are typical Anirban Brahma and are crafted to look ‘casual’ in his distinct photojournalistic look.


  • 300 High Resolution Images
  • DVD of these 300 images
  • Permanent Online Gallery
  • 30 Complementary Couple shoot images Included
  • 1 Day shoot
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Dil Mange More! You want a little bit more than the images. You want the whole boquet that includes more pictures and a photo album. Afterall, your wedding isn’t just for a day and you want more than just a couple of ceremonies covered.

What do you get?

This is our most popular package for a reason. You get your wedding coverage in 600-750 of the best of the best professionally edited images. They’re delivered to you in high-resolution on a DVD as well as easily shared with your friends and family via a secure permanent online gallery. You will receive a set of 45 couple shots taken on or around the wedding day which is included in the package of 600 images. These shots are typical Anirban Brahma and are crafted to look ‘casual’ in his distinct photojournalistic look. Of the 600 best of the best, you get to select 100 pictures which will be presented to you in a beautifully crafted custom made coffee table album


  • 600-750 High Resolution Images
  • DVD of these 600-750 images
  • Permanent Online Gallery
  • 45 Complementary Couple shoot images Included
  • One beautifully crafted custom made coffee table album
  • Upto 2 Day shoot
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You have impeccable taste and want nothing but the best. We’ve created an all inclusive package to cover the Great Indian Wedding.

What do you get?

The Connoisseur package includes your entire wedding coverage with a total of 900-1000 of the best of the best edited images in Hi-resolution (JPEG and Tiff format) in DVDs and your own Permanent Online Custom Gallery to view and share with your friends whenever you want. You will receive a set of 60 couple shots taken on or around the wedding day which is included in the package of 900 images which are awesomely beautiful images taken in location of your choice*. Also you are given two beautifully crafted custom made coffee table album of your choice in highest quality of printing paper chosen by you.


  • 900-1000 High Resolution Images
  • DVD of these 900-1000 images
  • Permanent Online Gallery
  • 60 Complementary Couple shoot images Included
  • Two beautifully crafted custom made coffee table album
  • Upto 2-3 Day shoot***
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* Since we shoot weddings all over India, it inevitably means travel. Our charges do not include travel and stay as that is dependent on location. You have the choice of either arranging for travel or stay as per your convenience or we can do that for you – charging at actuals, meaning that we don’t make anything extra from the travel.

** Any further additions/changes from these packages can always be done – we aim to be flexible to suit your requirements. Just have a quick chat with Anirban on feasibility and time

*** Depends on the coverage duration Add Ons:

  • – Photo Album: Custom made coffee table album – Rs 16000
  • – Second copy of the album – 80% of the total cost of the album ordered (base+extra batches)
  • – Framed Prints of Couple shoot
  • – Also custom Prints, Small Books, Calenders etc. are also available on request.

Anirban Brahma Photography
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 • +91 98316 86558

Some Facts About US


Something More Than Ordinary

Apr 15, 2015 by Swastik Pal

Anirban Brahma one of the finest Photographers I have known and is an excellent creative artist. His aesthetic creation with a unique sense of timing makes the fine difference between just another ordinary snap and his subtle quality images. Another very important part which I won’t like to miss out is his unique quality to mix with people and even if you meet him for the first time you would feel a bond working. Keep rocking Anirban Da!

- Swastik Pal

A Brilliant Photographer In His Own Right

Apr 15, 2015 by Debarshi Duttagupta

Brahma is no doubt one of the most talented photographers of his generation, from being a fantastic Kolkata based photographer to now covering most of the Country; he is steadily climbing the ladder of success. He is a fashion photographer as well as a very innovative Wedding Photographer. His styles of shooting weddings are quite unique and has a different approach compared to his fellow professional wedding Photographers. Anirban uses state of the art photographic tools to deliver his clients high quality work and coupled with his innovative line of thinking, makes a great final product for his customers. I wish him all the best for the future...

- Debarshi Duttagupta

His Pictures Speak For Themselves

Apr 15, 2015 by Gunjan & Puneet

Pictures come to life when Anirban is behind the lens. Getting him to shoot our wedding was the best thing we indulged on for our big day. He captured not just moments but the whole ambiance, feelings, emotions and every possible non visual element and made our wedding look more grand and fun than it really was good. He easily mingled with our family, friends and guests making them feel at ease and bringing out the best in each of them for his larger than life pictures. We highly recommend having Anirban for your wedding for pictures which will be forever.

- Gunjan & Puneet

Made Every Moment a Lovely Memory

Apr 15, 2015 by Angshuman Ghosh

When I found out my sister would be getting married, there was only one person who could have captured the joy, the laughter, the tears and the moments in between. Anirban\'s photos were beautiful and it\'s safe to say that forty years later, I will still remember as if it were yesterday, the scent of my sister\'s henna delicately drawn on her hands. He became a part of my family and photographed us as if he had known us forever. His photos aren\'t just memories, they are almost always alive and moving. His portraits are controlled but natural, never once making his subjects feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Thank you Anirban, for your attention to detail, your empathy and most importantly, your passion for making memories come alive!

(Brother of the Bride) - Angshuman Ghosh

Creating Magic With His Lens

Apr 15, 2015 by Soumya Shankar Ghosal

Anirban is a young and talented artist who paints with light. Give him any camera and he will do the magic every time. His work is par excellence which the Awards and Client satisfactions speaks aloud. He lets the photographs do the talking. That apart you will never be bored with Anirban – extremely jovial – which makes it easy for him to become a part of the wedding and the guests – giving you the best of candid and unadulterated shots to be cherished forever. A passionate photographer, who has started the wonderful journey of framing priceless moments.

God Bless. - Soumya Shankar Ghosal

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Apr 15, 2015 by Marco Antonnio

Travelling through Brahma\'s pictures is a blessing. He is not shooting. He is embracing, feeling and giving back through his pictures pure emotions. Brahma is here to prove it... At a street corner, from elders or children, raw or pristine...

Thanks for sharing, and keep having us dreaming...

- Marco Antonnio

Pics Portraying Real Emotions

Dec 04, 2012 by Nisreen Akolawala

Anirban is a guy who didn’t take long to rise in the field of photography and whose determination and passion for it makes me admire him even more. Every portrait of yours (which I would say is your forte) is a treat to watch. You bring out the real feelings of the place, the moment and the person! And I’m sure what you have achieved so far is nothing as compared to what all you deserve, my friend! Another quality that very few people have is being humble and warm and making even unknown people, lifelong friends! And like many of you must have witnessed he has this lovely quality! Keep up your positive spirit and your determination…

You will surely reach great heights thanks for inspiring me to do my best in photography! All the best.

- Nisreen Akolawala

Clicking Slices of Life

Apr 12, 2012 by Maria

Truly inspirational. Anirban you are by far one of the best photographers I have seen. Your images are amazing. It’s like nothing I have seen before. You capture the essence and the true meaning in all the images you capture. Your talent is exceptional and very rarely seen in photographers today. You are one of my favourite photographers

- Maria

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