My First Blog Post

28th Sep 2011

My first Photography blog…YAY! Something i have been asked to do before and have always shyed away from mostly because of work pressure and less knowledge regarding Blogging kept me away. Well, not anymore. But atlast I have created my first blog linked with my new & updated website and it is very exciting for me. I want to thank everyone who has supported me as I start this new journey i.e. my Parents, my Friends, my Clients and my Web Designer who helped me with my new website and blog . From now on I will do Reviews on Photography related Products, Give Tips & Techniques, Tell work relates stories and other interesting things and also answer queries…

Photography lets me experiment and express and I will to share my experience with all the readers through this blog. I have never blogged before and neither I am a good writer but I will really try my best.

The small but mighty moments that create beauty and the artist in me wants to capture these moments and connect with life so here I am

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