candid wedding photography

Indian Candid Wedding Photographer

Capturing Your Special Moments

Indian Candid Wedding Photography comes alive when the camera is in the hands of ace photographer, Anirban Brahma. He offers a complete Indian wedding photography package. His way of seeing things and ability to capture moments is unmatched by anyone else. The vibrant and spontaneous clicks leaves no one. Starting from the laughter to the informal family banters, the tears, the auspicious vows, the hymns, the colors, the blessings and the merriment that follows all gets neatly captured in his camera lens. Not a single detail is missed as it is the small things that makes weddings special and worthy of called a memory.

Anirban Brahma has the ability to perceive things differently and so his experienced eyes and stable hands works in perfect co-ordination; carefully capturing the magical glances and the special smiles that gives away so much about the person.

It is true that Marriages are made in Heaven. He just helps to capture those earthly moments and make them eternal.